Though we closed our doors in February of 2015, we still want to share our story.

In 1978, two foodies met and married, pitting southeast North Carolina chopped barbecue against west Tennessee pulled barbecue; Carolina vinegar against Memphis dry rub. The battle raged on until the flavor titans realized the world would be a better place melding the best of both. In 2000, at the first Springfield Sertoma Club Barbecue Cookoff, the husband and wife team of Enoch and Debbie Morris won a blue ribbon for their ribs, placed well with their other dishes, and realized they might be on to something. Raising two small foodies and carrying on with their real jobs, all thoughts of attempting to conquer the world of barbecue moved to the back burners of their minds.

One day in 2011, after years of what if’s, the foodie four decided to go for the gold. Denying themselves the dream they’d had for years and denying the city of Springfield the chance to experience their barbecue and southern delights had to end. It was time to fulfill their destinies…and Enoch’s BBQ and Southern Classics had to become a reality.

Now, in 2014, Enoch and Debbie, along with daughters Devon and Ryanne, are happily running their dream restaurant. The cozy and quirky old house on South National, offers a fast casual update on the food that will please your grandparents, you, and your grandchildren.

If the smell of smoked meats and the tang of BBQ beans makes your mouth water, the aroma of fried chicken makes you weep and the sight of butter drizzled on cornbread or gravy pooling in mashed potatoes makes you weak in the knees, then pull up a chair to the table and dig in.